The nature, or rather, the ecosystem of Sardinia is unique in the world: there are dozens of spontaneous plants present in this terrestrial paradise.

Every plant, every flower and every fruit have specific properties and have been used for thousands of years to pose many problems or common annoyances rather ignored, but who can prove to be really hostile.

Our company studies, tests and manufactures ointments or oleoliths created using EXCLUSIVELY these products that, if they are not present in the territory, we buy from the best dealers currently present on the market.

Our aim is to propose to the majority of the population and to the MINOR PRICE possible, in such a way as to allow anyone to choose the “natural solution” for the resolution of its discomfort or to take care of its beauty avoiding the use of products known to be carcinogenic such as Formaldehyde because it irritates skin, hair and mucous membranes, or Parabens, preservatives used by most cosmetic industries.

In addition, none of our products are tested on animals! Before being placed on the market we test it ourselves or in our circle of friends and relatives, who gladly lend themselves to this kind of experimentation completely safe and free of side effects.